Green Clean is a privately owned and operated company, providing residential and commercial cleaning services for the Louisville area.


Choose Green Clean for a sparkling and thorough clean that will be sure to please even the most discerning customer.


All-Natural Cleaning Service


Based in the Louisville Highlands and serving zip codes 40204, 40205, 40206 & 40207.  Now serving Germantown!


A Unique Difference


  • Green Clean offers free estimates on Cleaning Services & Organizational Projects.
  • Green Clean offers personal and free estimates instead of square footage quotes.
  • We guarantee customized quote packages that specifically meet the needs of your household.
  • Our staff is professional & courteous.
  • We are Bonded & Insured.

Our Cleaners

Green Clean hand pours over 100% of the cleaners we use in our client's homes. We use essential oils to help your home stay fresh and clean without spreading harsh chemicals around your home. All the products we use are 100% natural and safe for children and pets.

New Cleaning Company, Green Clean, increases Louisville Household Environments, using only vinegar-based products

May 2, 2011 


Before running out to buy the latest Green Works products or using a corporate service to clean your house, consider the locally owned Green Clean service. New to Louisville in the past year, this company does not use the term “green products” lightly.


Going back to white vinegar based products of older generations of cleaning, Green Clean takes the pure vinegar and adds spice by scenting it with essential oils to naturally kill and disinfect client homes. Used along with Green Clean signature products, Naturally Horton’s, located on Douglas Loop, provides additional cleaning agent to maintain surfaces such as granite, stainless steel and bathroom hard-to-remove stains.


The use of vinegar not only cleans and disinfects a home’s surfaces; it covers up unwanted smells coming from kitchen sinks and bathrooms, and adds shine to dull wood floors. Not to mention the use of vinegar proves not only safe for kids and pets, but it’s better for the overall household environment, replacing harsh chemicals such as bleach.

Owner, Laura Carr began cleaning houses two years ago and decided to hire employees and expand the business. With only five other employees, she desires only quality cleaning and reputable service.


Clients of Green Clean have referred to the service as the “Ritz Carlton” of cleaning. Offering the deepest clean and quality face time with the owner. With a goal to offer personal service, Green Clean prices each job based on the clients lifestyle, not square footage of the house or office building. This ensures a customized price incomparable to any other service.

Green Clean not only cleans homes, but also helps clients organize any room in the house.


Leave it to junk rooms and attics to store boxes of unknown magazine articles and event fliers to stress the average American to the max. With limited space and time in one’s life, Green Clean works to sort out the valuable from the unnecessary items.


Shows, such as “Hoarders” on A&E, demonstrate the rising need for organization in most homes. Look no further, the local and personal touches of Green Clean sets the bar high and guarantees soaring standards of performance for any Louisvillian in need of a clean and uncluttered home.



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